Thursday, July 19, 2012

Calling All Crowdtappers!

Yes I'm back to talk about Crowdtap again. If you recall I have written about them before, here and here. Crowdtap is a really simple opinion site that doesn't take much time or effort to participate in and rack up points, and points = prizes! All you need to do is answer their surveys and polls honestly so they can gear questions, discussions, activities, parties, and sample offers towards you and your specific likes and dislikes.

I have been a member for about a year now and have got some awesome things with minimal effort. I have been part of two Old Navy "Sample & Share Events" where you get two coupons one for you, and one for a friend for a FREE specific item in the store. My first "Sample & Share" was for a winter coat, and the other was for a Summer dress...FREE! I've also taken part in many discussions, won FREE tickets to advance movie screenings and received many samples of items to test, review, and hand out to friends and family (the most recent being Woolite Dark Care which is awesome BTW...).

For every answer you give, report you turn in and every Web Share you complete, you rack up points and you can cash these points in for rewards, most in the form of gift cards.
When Crowdtap first started, they used to let you cash out your points for $$$, but once people caught on to how awesome this site was they did away with that option. Just to give you an idea what you are working for,  here are a list of their current rewards:

$25 or $10 Amazon Gift Card  
$50 Bonobos Reward  
$5 or $10 Charity Donation
$50 ArtsicleGift Card  
$35 Blank Label Gift Cards  
$50 reward to Silver Linings
$20 Gift Card to Bucket Feet 
$50 Amanda Sterett Reward  
$20 Manpacks Gift Card
$15 Peeled Snacks gift card
$25 Dermstore Reward
$10 Reward to Journey Bar
$10 Gift Card to Shoebuy
$10 Gift Card to FloraFlora 

I don't remember how much I received in cash, but as far as rewards, I am at $90 in Amazon credits which, in my opinion, is the best option they have. FREE stuff just for giving your opinion and they almost never e-mail you and you can log on as often or little as you would like and earn points at your leisure. So what are you waiting for? Sign up here!

Keep on Whored-ing, and keep on Tappin!

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