Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Where to Register for Baby !

Whether it is your first baby or not, Baby registries are not something you can "skip". My girlfriend had her second child earlier this year and really downplayed it because she always thought you only get a baby shower for your first baby. So not true! Her sister and I ended up throwing her a last minute "Sprinkle" (don't worry it's not dirty and I'll probably do another post on it later). I feel that it's especially important to have another shower if the baby you are having is a different gender than your first one. If you are a solitary person and are raising this baby completely on your own and don't want a baby shower, that's fine. You still should make a registry because many companies offer a "completion discount" which basically means anything on your list that is not purchased by your due date you can buy yourself at least 10% off whatever is left! I know for sure that Amazon, Babies R Us , and Target all have Baby Registry completion Discount Programs so there may be others out there as well, it never hurts to ask.

Amazon Registry Benefits:
* They offer a 10% registry completion discount.
* You can add anything to your list from any website.
* They offer printable baby registry insert cards.
* They are running a sweepstakes where you are automatically entered to win a $500 Amazon GC just for
   making a registry with at least 10 items on it between now and 12/29/2012.
* They have a 365 day no charge return policy on Baby Store items.
* This is probably the best way to find the cheapest deals for baby items, AND and Amazon often offers
   FREE shipping on most orders over $25.

Babies R Us Registry Benefits:
* They offer at least a 10% registry completion discount.
* You can add items online and in-store.
* They offer printable baby registry insert cards.
*  Every Sunday (and sometimes more often) Babies R Us/Toy R Us put out a 20% coupon (not valid on
    specific brands and items so look closely) which would be great if you received gift cards or to give to 
    family members to use!
** DRAWBACK ** They have a horrible return policy. You MUST have a receipt, gift receipt, or the card used for payment to return anything even if all you want is store credit.

Target Registry Benefits: 
* They offer a 10% registry completion discount, BUT I have heard that they often "forget" to mail you or
   distribute the 10% coupon to you and you have to contact customer service to get it. It's worth it even if
   you have to hunt down your coupon!
* You can add items online and in-store.
*They have a great return policy. They accept returns even without a receipt and for will issue merchandise
   credit for current the current selling price.
* Target has the most options as far as clearance children's and baby items! Even the clearance or sale
   items aren't on your registry it gives your friends a family to shop for you on a budget and still get great
   items! It's a Win-Win !
* Target accepts 1 manufacturer and 1 Target coupon per item which can also help cut down the cost for

Hopefully you find this information helpful. There are many more stores and websites that offer Baby Registries including but not limited to Wal-Mart, TheBump, Pottery Barn Kids,, Buy Buy Baby, Wish Pot, and Baby Depot. Let me know how these work out for you or if you have any feedback on these sites, and information on new sites or deals you have found! 

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I'd love it if you'd add BabyList ( to your list. It's a registry that lets you add items from any store and it looks great.

    Founder of BabyList