Saturday, July 14, 2012

Breaking Bad - The Scientific Kitchen

Breaking Bad Season 5 premieres tomorrow, July 15th on AMC and THIS girl is excited! I'd celebrate by cooking some meth in my kitchen... but uh... I'll stick to blue rock candy recipes, instead.
I'm all about using science in the kitchen, so let's explore some options, shall we?

Beakers are great for measuring, mixing, and drinking out of! Try this 6 piece set of beakers on Amazon for only $19.95:

Or this beaker mug for your morning coffee. 

These chemistry cookie cutters would make extra cute snacks, and this cutting board is perfect for chopping a very exact salad. Sundry jars are great for storing your baking ingredients like flour and sugar (and of course cotton balls and swabs - they make everything look more interesting).

Test tubes are great for holding spices - you can buy a set pre-made, like this one that's on sale for $12.00 or you can make your own by following these instructions! I wannnt.


Test tubes can also be used as shot glasses... however, I prefer drinks of the larger size. Speaking of drinks... how about this chemistry cocktail set? I would love to make a glowing slime green concoction with this:

You can also play with your food and drink shapes, transforming them into spheres, gels, and pastes with molecular kits. They even have one for your cocktails!


So, go ahead and get creative in the kitchen - make something neat. Make Walter proud.

top photo: Breaking Bad Season 5 poster, AMC
bottom photo: Cross-stitch by Steotch Fine New England Needleart


  1. epic post!! I'm over here really hoping that @BreakingBad_AMC will retweet that shit. A girl can dream...

    1. I wish they would too! Waah. P.s. I thought of you when I was writing this. Our dream kitchen. Just add a pinch of Elvis and sideshow.