Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tuxedo Nails

It's been a while since I did a nail post, and what better reason to do one than to celebrate classy ladies? Zooey Deschanel sported these uber cute tuxedo print nails at the Golden Globes this year and I haven't had a fun yet classy event to rock them to.

However, my mom's Mumbley-Mumble Birthday is tomorrow and I wanted to do something fun on my nails to pay homage to her day of birth and the classy lady that she is. What better way to celebrate the lady who pushed me out of her va-jay-jay than Tuxedo Nails ? Excuse my (almost) bad language, but my Mommy is one down-ass, fancy...Lady ( I can't bring myself to type Bitc*and mom in the same sentence even at age 27)!

Is there anything that screams "CLASSY" more than painting little tuxedos on your nails?!? What's that you say? There are better ways, and classy people don't scream? Well eff you, this is as classy as I get!

That being said, here is my short, easy tutorial on how to do Tuxedo Nails:

Step 1: Paint nails a base color, you can do any color, I went with a sheer glitter by Maybelline in Clear Cut Diamond #420 ( how extremely appropriate right ?)

Step 2: Using a black polish, make two sideways "V's" at the base of your nail.

Step 3: Connect the V's with a dot to complete your bow. Now add a few dots for your tuxedo buttons.

Step 4: Finish the design by using your black nail polish to either make a French Tip, or a large "V" shape to replicate that jacket.

Step 5: Let dry before you add a glossy top coat and voila!

Now what amazing-ness could inspire these nails? What magnificence could possibly trigger this awesome post? My best friend and IMO just the "Bee's Knees" and the "Cat's Pajamas" of course, my mommy.

Happy Birthday Mom, I love you with all my heart and soul. Thank you for changing my diapers (not recently), putting up with shenanigans and craziness and still believing in me and helping mold me into the dysfunctional (but happy) person that I am today. I would be lost without you!


Your Favorite Child (Charlotte, in case you forgot)

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