Friday, April 6, 2012

Cheap Thrills: Beach Blanket Bingo

Even a doom and gloom goth like me can't help but get excited for warmer weather. Under all this black clothing, I am a California girl at heart. Spring is here, and we have to prepare for all those sunny days ahead! Since I'm still in a retro mood, I turned to my favorite beachy icon, Gidget, for inspiration. The original Gidget was played by Sandra Dee, but thanks to endless reruns on TV, I fell in love with Sally Field's portrayal. Not surprisingly, my favorite episode was when Gidget joined a spooky band (Gidget and the Gories) and went full Goth.

Even if you're not a beach bunny, you'll still be needing some warm weather goodies for your spring and summer wardrobe. Grab the sunblock and take a gander at these Cheap Thrills...


Anchor Beach Towel - Target, $12.99
Land ho! What'chu call me?! Target is a great place for fun and cheap towels, like this anchor print one I spied on their website. You can find tons of cute designs, and if you want to go super kitchy-cute, check out the kid's section!

Bon Voyage Floppy Hat - ASOS, $35.81
Even though I know you'll all be responsible Whoreders and will slather on plenty of SPF, you should get a cute floppy beach hat to protect those gorgeous faces. This one from ASOS is perfect, but you'll see them in a bunch of stores too, so don't be shy - try some on and find a style that looks good on you. My new wish is that one of you will wear a sombrero and send me a picture.

Pink Cadillac Sunglasses - Fred Flare, $14
You cannot even think about going to the beach without a pair of sunglasses! Fred Flare has these adorable retro looking shades for only $14! Let's all get matching pairs and start our own gang.

"Cute Cat" Straw Tote Bag - Shanghai Magic Box, $25.99
Okay, someone is going to have to hold me back, because I want this SO bad. I need it, I want it, I gotsta have it! It's available in pink or red, and it perfect for a day at the beach or a picnic with your BFF.

Pink Paper Parasol - Open, $4.68
Protect your skin and practice your best Toddlers & Tiaras parasol twirly walk with a paper parasol. True, it might not survive past a few outings, but it's less than $5! You can also bedazzle this thing within an inch of its life, make it so blingy it can be seen from space.


H&M+ Dress - H&M, $12.95
A couple of months ago I got wind of a plus size line being tested out in a few H&M stores in the U.S. - they're keeping it pretty quiet, but it's out there! So ask around at your local H&M, and let them know you're looking for H&M+. Less than $13 for that super cute tropical print dress (it's also available in black), you cannot beat that!

Retro Print Top/Cover-up - H&M, $9.95
Not technically a dress, but it can be worn as a cover up on the beach or by the pool. The retro print is available in two colors, yellow or pink. And only $10! That's why we *heart* H&M.

Women's Chiffon Tie-Front Maxi Dress - Old Navy, $25 (was $39.94)
This maxi dress is a little more Larue than Gidget, but I still dig it. Old Navy has a few of these maxis on sale right now, go try them on! If you don't like maxis, you can easily chop off a few inches and turn it into a sundress. Someone remind me to learn how to sew, please.

Navy Heart Print Beach Dress - Dorothy Perkins, $25
They had me at heart print. I recently ordered from Dorothy Perkins, and I loved the top I got! The quality is nice, and the sizing is top notch. They've got tons of cute clothing at great prices, check them out!

Yellow Buttercup Dress - Dorothy Perkins, $44
See what I mean about tons of super cute clothing at Dorothy Perkins? It's available in sizes 2 to 16, and the sizing is just like ASOS, and we all know how much I love them.

Stripe Tank Dress - Joe Fresh, $29
Unfortunately, this isn't available online, but if you're lucky enough to be near a Joe Fresh (only on the east coast in the U.S.), check them out and send me pictures!


H&M+ Swimsuit - H&M, $34.95
I'm so glad swimsuits are part of the H&M+ line! This one shoulder ruffled number is available in sizes 14-24, and features some nice gathering along the sides to help disguise any problem areas. The prices of some bathing suits are outta control, so I'm glad this one is under $35.

Assets by Sarah Blakely Push-Up One Piece - Target, $45 
Sarah Blakely is the genius behind Spanx, Assets is the special Spanx line available at Target. They carry the usual assortment of shapewear as well as a swimsuit line, available in sizes S - XL. The gathering in the front helps hide little bulges, and the material will help keep everything tucked into place. 

Women's Polka-Dot Control Max Suit - Old Navy, $44.94
Last summer, I went to Maui and the majority of my swimsuit selection was from Old Navy. The suits were a bargain (considering the outrageous prices I've seen for bathing suits), and they are some really cute designs available. This one piece is made out of some strong tummy control material, and comes is an adorably Gidget-esque polka-dot pattern. There's a similar style available at Dorothy Perkins, check it out!

Retro Floral Bikini - Urban Outfitters, $42 (top) and $37 (bottoms)
This is a retro pattern and a retro style bikini, I kind of like the granny panties bottoms! I won't lie, I'm not a bikini shopper or wearer, but if I was... I'd never pick the teeny tiny ones. I'd go with these big guns that could handle the junk in my trunk. Dorothy Perkins also has a really pretty cherry print bikini top, take a peek.

Fantasy Pick:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Toucan Print Hipster Bikini - ASOS, $145.04 (top) and $128.92 (bottom)
If we'd all won the Mega Millions jackpot, we could have bought this Marc Jacobs toucan print bikini (and the personal trainer, chef and boot camp that would allow us to fit into it).

Gothic Gidget and I hope you've enjoyed the latest Cheap Thrills. We'll be back with more wackiness and retail therapy in a couple of weeks!

*Gidget Photo by Like It's The 50s
**Goth Gidget from Goth Love


  1. Ooo it's all so cute! I especially want the kitty tote and (surprisingly) the Old Navy maxi dress! P.s. Let's have a sombrero party.

    1. I am so crazy about that HK tote, I cannot even express it in real words! I saw the maxi dress at the mall, GO TRY IT ON!

  2. i love you Vanessa, but nobody touches Sandra Dee Gidget and Moon Doggy :)

    1. Hahahaha! I love Sandra Dee, but I didn't realize until much later into my Gidget love that she was the OG Gidge!

  3. Love the dresses! And the prices! Love the hats! very good idea by the way!
    Love them all!

  4. Vanessa you are amazin'! I want the towel alot, alot. Also, the one and only suit I have been thinking about for this summer is a $100 one (link below) but you found not one but TWO suits that I like just as much and at half the price. too good! I was looking forward to trying red this year (a color I never wear) but the blue may just be calling my name more. I'm in love!

    1. Yay! I saw the red suit at Old Navy in person yesterday, it was cute! I think there might be an extra 25% off if you order online. More money left over to buy dog hoodies!

  5. Ordered it! Got 25% off. The reviews on it are good too. Woot woot.