Friday, April 27, 2012

Put it on: Depeche Mode's Blue Dress

Hey girl.

Throwback time! I can't deny it, the older I get and the more and more distant the wannabe goth 15 year-old me becomes, the more creepy I notice Depeche Mode's lyrics to be. Although still a not-so-guilty favorite of mine, the clarity of adulthood has made it impossible to ignore all the carnal lust and fetishizing (and um, more than a few mentions of fifteen year olds) that my beloved DM exquisitely broods about. That being said, I still think Depeche Mode has made some of the sexiest music out there and their 1990 song "Blue Dress" from the album Violator is as sexy as it gets. Maybe that makes me a creep too? I'm OK with that.

“Blue Dress” is a sweet, kinky little song about a woman who becomes even more painfully desirable when wearing a certain, special dress. To me, this dress is understated and far from overtly sexy but becomes a focal point of desire because of the fine creature that it covers. It's the little things that matter sometimes in this big world and this song is about just that. Here are my picks for dresses that may do the same, all under $50! Blue isn’t a color I picture of when I think about a sexy dress, but that just may be exactly why these dresses work. 

Clockwise: Urban Outfitters $39, ASOS $45.45
ASOS $31.81, Go Jane $34

Let's be honest, Depeche Mode is best when not thought about too deeply, so slip on a comfy (yet sexy) dress, turn the volume up, and just enjoy. And if you want more creepy-riffic Depche Mode, check out this list.


  1. I love this! And not just because I've been completely obsessed with Depeche Mode for about 25 years. I was JUST looking at that ASOS dress the other day, great minds think alike!

  2. Thanks! I really like the lace one (I have a similar one in black:) and the open back ASOS one too. DM rules!! I will always and forever defend them hehe.

  3. I figured-- this place is huge-- there's gotta be ONE dress in here for me that will fit my body and be cute and appropriate. sexy fashion