Friday, April 20, 2012

Cheap Thrills: Orange You Glad it's Cheap Thrills Friday?

This warm weather continues to work its charm on me, and this week I was inspired by a classic warm weather treat, the Orange Creamsicle. How does that translate into Cheap Thrills? Pretty easily! I thought I'd stick to clothes, but was surprised how easily it led me to accessories, beauty products and household items.

Orange is a major color and will definitely stand out, so get ready for some attention when you're wearing it. And don't worry, I tried to cover all levels of orange, from head to toe, to just small touches for lovely burst of color. Come see what I have for you this time...

MNG by Mango Floral Dress - JC Penney, $50
I saw this dress in person last week, and it's beautiful! The floral print is really striking, and the black trim makes the colors pop and give it an edge. Make sure you text me before we hang out so we don't end up wearing it at the same time.

 Orange Skirt - H&M, $17.95 (sizes 4-16)
H&M is a great place to try out trends for low, low prices. This bright orange skirt is less than $20! It's available in a few other colors, and is an easy way to work a big pop of bright color into your outfit.

Annalee + Hope Striped Dress - Burlington Coat Factory, $29.99
I ran across this dress in one of my crazy internet searches, it's available on Overstock for $75, but word on the street is that it's at Burlington Coat Factory for under $30! Those stripes drive me wild, in a very good way.

Sabrina Envelope Satchel - Handbag Heaven, $45.01
My newest online shopping spot, Handbag Heaven... nothing over $85! This colorblocked satchel is so perfect for my Orange Creamsicle mood this week, I can't even deal. It's also available in black, which now means I have to decide which one I want. Life is full of these tough decisions, guys.

 Madison Woven Buckle Satchel - Handbag Heaven, $54.95
If you're not ready for an almost all orange bag, you can go for something more neutral with little touches of orange, like this satchel from Handbag Heaven. There's a big pocket behind the front flat for easy access to things like keys or work badges, and a nice roomy interior to hold all your other vital necessities.

Zoya Nail Polish in "Arizona" - Zoya, $8
Zoya is quickly becoming my favorite nail polish, non-toxic polish at a reasonable price! Their new summer collection has two lines, Beach and Surf. Arizona is part of the Beach line, and there are tons of beautiful, bright colors to choose from!

Sexy Peel Soap - Lush, $5.95
Mmmm, Lush soaps are luscious and you need to treat yourself to one. Sexy Peel uses the peels from orange, limes and lemons to help exfoliate your skin while you lather up. The vitamin C helps keep your skin clear and the citrus oils make for an incredible scent that helps perk you up on those I-don't-wanna-get-out-of-bed mornings.

Brazil Coffee Maker - Bodum, $20
My orange obsession doesn't stop at fashion, not once I saw this french press coffee maker. Take a look at the Bodum site, and you'll find tons of things to fall in love with. Function that looks fabulous, hello! These re the little touches you can add to your house to make it look awesome without spending mega bucks.

Stacking Acrylic Wine Glasses (set of 4) - Crate & Barrel, $9.95
BBQ season is here! It's your civic duty to make sure you have enough glasses for your friends and loved ones when they come over to grill up some wieners. Crate & Barrel has these acrylic glasses in sets of 4, or solo ($2.95 each), they look great and are perfect for your clumsy friends.

3" Orange Paper Lanterns (set of 10) - Just Artifacts, $4.98
I love paper lanterns, they're so simple and make even the dinkiest yard look like a fairy tale setting. Just Artifacts has different size lanterns in tons of colors and patterns. The 3" size come in packs of 10, which make great decorations for an outdoor party or bbq. If you're crafty, you can string up a bunch and make them into a cool mobile - use theme colors for a wedding/party, pastels for a baby's room, or wacky combinations to add some of your own funky flavor to a plain dorm room.

See, that wasn't so scary, was it? Orange you glad you rode the orange wave with me? I'm exhausted! All this retail therapy is hard work, I'll let you soak up all this orange goodness and warm weather wonder while I take a nice soak in the tub. See you next time!

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*My Little Pony photo from My Little Pony Trading Post

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