Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Trendy Mommy Tuesdays vol. 5

So I know I missed posting last week, but last week was a whirlwind of cray-cray-ness. Not only was work (my "real" job) extremely busy, but every single negative, un-cute pregnancy symptom that you can imagine decided to pop up all at once. I was not feeling too "trendy" so to speak...

As my own fetus has decided to make it's presence known by protruding from my torso a la Spaceballs status, (okay, okay, so not that extreme, but is competing with my chest for biggest protrusion from my body), I find it harder and harder to find cute things to wear or to feel pretty and/or normal. What's a hormonal preggo to do? I do as most do, I look to unattainable celebrity looks and hunt down a similar outfit for much cheaper and share my findings with you!

Inspiration: Kourtney Kardashian

Picture from RealityTea

Most of you already have an opinion of the Kardashian Klan, and that's fine. I always pretend I don't love them, but secretly I watch all their shows whenever I can and I also read all legitimate publications (trash magazine articles) that I can about them. However, this article isn't about my love for Kourtney or her family, it's just about really cute clothes.

I am really loving the color of her dress, it's like a fun poppy-orange color. I think it's perfect for Spring/Summer! After perusing the Internet machine for some time, I found a few maternity and/or flowy dresses in a similar fun color, all at a relatively (relative to who is spending the money) decent price point.

ASOS Belted Dress $63
ASOS Lace Dress w/ Buttons $41
Mar Kimono Dress $47
And it's not only the color that makes this dress fun and flattering most baby bumps, it's the pleats, yeah I said something positive about pleats,so sue me. Just so you can see that I'm not completely crazy, here are a couple of pleated dresses that I love for maternity-wear!
Merona Smock Dress $30
Motherhood Pleated Dress $40
Donna Morgan Pleated Dress $130 (Yikes!)
Max & Cleo Pleated Dress $90

And last but not least, we can't forget a cute pair of shoes to go with the dress! Of course Kourtney, being Kourtney (do you like how we are on a first name basis?), and a Kardashian to boot, chooses to wear pumps while pregnant. While cute, they can be impractical for most women as she seems to be a rare "magical pregnancy unicorn" so I'm making sure to include Wonder Woman options (heels) and Charlotte options (Wedges) as well.
Steve Madden Pumps $80 Nine West Devike Pump $40 Gabriella Rocha Pumps $38

Fergalicioius Wedges $45 Ed Hardy Marion Wedge $43 Charlotte Russe Canvas Wedge $33
So that's it for this week's edition of Trendy Mommy, and I hope you all enjoyed it! If you have any ideas for future articles or have a mommy you want featured, shoot me a message or leave a comment below or on our FB page!


  1. I agree with everything you said, I too, am a closet-fan. I do love the way Kourtney dresses-preggers or not. Let's hope Kim will take some of her hand-me-downs when she starts to bloom! Thanks for this!

  2. Well, we can see Kim has not taken any of Kourtney's maternity fashion advice LOL, but the girl is at least trying!