Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Do's and Don't of Maternity Clothes: As Told by Looking at Kim Kardashian vol. 2


Most of Kim's empire is based on her looks including her vampire facials, acupuncture trips, her "accidental" sex tapes ( I REFUSE to link to this), and her lovely KKK brand of clothing, yes, it is seriously called that. However, just because clothing is "designer", doesn't mean it's cute, and just because a "celebrity" wears it, does not mean that you should.
This brings us to post #2 regarding the "Do's and Don'ts" of Kim Kardashian's maternity fashion. As usual, let us start with a Kim Kardashian maternity Don't".

Sometimes a baby bump is cute in a fitted outfit, but sometimes, not so much.Kim has been spotted in some maternity clothes that are too tighter than a nun's va-jay-jay. Take for instance this appalling ensemble below.

Why this outfit doesn't work: The fit, cut, and style are god-awful. Seriously, who the hell invented a peplum pant? Throw into that mix a print better suited for fancy draperies or perhaps my grandmothers couch, and a peplum pant (who knew they even made those) on her preggo frame, and this is what you get:

C'mon Kim, I know you can do better. You can do print, and you can peplum, and you can even do peplum in a print, but please, I beg you, do not ever wear peplum print pants. There are cute peplum print or textured dresses that make a great alternative like the pink lace and black and white patterned dresses found below; or you can even go for a solid color like the fitted black peplum dress. If you want to try the peplum style but are not into dresses, and will not wear peplum pants because I strictly forbid it, then try a casual, laid-back peplum top that you can dress up or down.
Peplum Maternity

 Why these outfits work: These outfits are fitted in the right places. Fitted clothing that accentuates a pregnant belly can be oh so cute. Fitted maternity clothing done wrong can cause passer-bys to wonder if you are indeed pregnant or possibly overweight and not sure how to dress your body, and we don't want that, do we Kim?

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