Friday, April 5, 2013

Pinspiration: Chalkboard Pallet Shelf

This week's post is brought to you by a friend of ours. Rikki runs Day of Diva, which is an event coordination business. Basically, she helps in the month of your wedding and makes a time line for the flow of the wedding, does rehearsal the week of and manages the staff and vendors the day of to make sure that your wedding day runs perfect! She basically prevents you, the bride, from going crazy or throttling any and all of your wedding party and vendors.

By trade, Rikki is an event coordinator, but on any other day when she is not working, she is a bundle of crazy, artistic, sarcastic, ball of energy. She lives in Ventura , Ca and is married to a hottie. We are still friends even though she has a cat. I've known Rikki since the 2nd grade and we used to sing Benny and the Jets together. I think that's all you really need to know.


From Rikki:

Chalkboard Pallet Shelf

Here are some very simple instructions on how to make a "pallet" shelf. This cost me a total of $22.00 but the feeling of pride in myself for actually making something off Pinterest was priceless, LOL.

1. Find an old pallet - these are always outside any grocery store, hardware store etc, just be stealth about throwing it into the back of your truck. Make sure to make a dramatic exit, peeling out as though you just stole a million dollars.
2. Determine where in your house you will hang your shelf.
3. Measure to make sure said shelf will fit.
4. According to your measurements cut pallet and remove ONE side of the planks ( hence making an open shelf)
5. Run to Michaels and per the "Whoreder" way, download the Michaels app on your smart phone because they always have a scannable coupon.
6. Select a jazzy spray paint. I went with "chalkboard" spray paint so I could draw on my shelf.
7. Select items to put on your shelf if you don't already have the items you want at home. I went with mason jars to fill with baking goods like flour and sugar.
8. Rush home. Don't forget to peel out scaring the elderly and children that frequent Michaels.
9. Sand the shelf. I didn't, I should have though.
10. Spray paint and let dry.
11. Screw into wall with wood screws.
12. Sit back and call everyone you know preferably on Skype or FaceTime to gloat and brag about your Martha Stewart skills.
13. Post pics to FB and Instagram to gloat and brag about your Martha Stewart Skills some more.

Day of Diva Event Coordination

Pinterest Win!

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