Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Celebrity Maternity Fashion: Fergie

It has been brought to my attention that not everyone likes Kim Kardashian or her "sense of style". I have been not-so-gently nudged to post on other pregnant celebrities and how to get their look for less because it really is very hard when you're pregnant to find affordable AND cute maternity clothes.

I chose Fergie this week because she has a hott husband, is a good singer (most of the time), and generally remains out of trouble. That is not to say that she doesn't have her questionable moments, you know, the time she didn't shave her pits, and even better, the time she peed her pants on stage...
However, despite her previous questionable fashion choices, sometimes she gets it right.

Everything in the 1st look is under $50 except for that bag...because I love it, and you're worth it (well I am...)! Fergie werks those faux maternity leggings with a simple tee, jacket, and accessories. Not only is this outfit stylish, but comfy!


Lipstick Queen nude lipstick / Nail polish

This look works because it is perfect day or night, especially with Summer coming up. Plus, this is hands down, the easiest thing to wear while pregnant. It's the one item that you can dress up or down; is well ventilated (gross I know); and it is the coziest thing to wear and still look put together!

Do you have any celebs you'd like to see in here, let us know!

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