Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Target Clearance Time!

So we don't often post about specific sales in blog form, but I seriously can't help it this time. I went to Target last night and had every intention of running in and out in ten minutes top (don't we all?) But it didn't go down like that. I left the house before 8 PM and got home a little after 10 PM, it was like I got sucked into an alternate universe and lost track of time. It's not like I have never lost track of time in a Target before, but this was like Twilight Zone episode of Target shopping; full of crazy prices, insane managers, and absurd customers (myself not included obv.)
I walked in to Target with my game face on and made a beeline for the wine section, no I am not a fan of fetal alcohol  syndrome, it was for a friend (that sounds believable right?) Directly after the wine, I went to the children's section to look for a present for party this weekend. That's where I made my fatal error. It is impossible to go to the toddler section without cutting through the baby section first and the Baby Clearance as well. There was SO MUCH CLEARANCE. It began with the Fisher Price Snugabunny Collection  which is on "Clearance" right now. The Rock N Play Sleeper and Bouncer are now $45.48 each instead of the normal in store price of $65 (30% off). They have a matching swing on clearance as well but for some reason I didn't get a picture but it is originally around $150 and on sale for $105 (also 30% off).

Since this stuff was on sale, and I was already basically IN kids clothing, off I went...that was my second mistake. There were at least 6 rounders, front and back full of clearance that was at least 30% off. There is a ton of Mini Harajuku on clearance. The ones below are regular price online but 50%-75% off in store! There is so much more marked down but I have to stop here, but seriously if you have kids GO RIGHT NOW.

My next stop logically was toys. I found a Momma & Zooblings Zoobles playset $22.49 (online price) only $7.49 in store, as well as Little People Batgirl & Wonder Woman Duo $6.99 clearance for $2.49, and Crayola 3D Chalk Set $9.99 clearance for $2.49.

After the toys, I stumbled haphazardly around the store in savings induced stupor raiding all the clearance endcaps. There was clearance in every.single.department. My most random find of the night was a toss up between the Jack LaLanne juicer $109.99 in store ($99 online) on clearance for $54.98 and the
Remington Shine Therapy Conditioning Straightener $49.99, clearance for $24.99 !

This is not where my story ends, but this is where I will stop writing. Seriously though,  Target has everything marked down right now: food, cosmetics, pet supplies,bags & bows, clothing, homed ecor, candles, gardening items, accessories, games, movies, etc. I shopped so hard that I broke a sweat. So go forth my Whore(der)s and break a sweat.  

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