Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Dear ol' Rita has written about cheap glasses many moons ago, and Firmoo was on her list of must-try websites for their hot deals.

Firmoo offered to send me a free pair of glasses to review, and although I don't wear prescription, I wasn't going to pass up some cute new (free) sunglasses!

I decided to get fancy on them - instead of ordering their pre-made sunglasses I "made my own" by picking frames I liked and just adding tint. I used a model on their site with a similar shaped face to "try on" styles, but you can also upload your own photo. Don't know what style will look good on you? Here's a guide to help you pick the right look for your face shape.

I ended up choosing style DBSN5366 (which is now unavailable, sorry kids) and ordered 80% grey tint. While browsing their styles I noticed that not only are their prices great, they have a deal for all new customers - free glasses, just pay shipping! Woohoo! You can pick from prescription glasses, sunglasses, or if you just want to look smart - faux prescription glasses. Werk.

Once ordered, I figured they would take several weeks, but I had them within days. Good job, Firmoo! My new shades came in a hard case along with a cleaning cloth, a soft case, and a mini screwdriver.

Now... I knew that I have a small head before I ordered these. I figured this out a few years back and I'm only recently coming to terms with this fact. I momentarily forgot about my shortcomings as I excitedly put on my new sunglasses, only to be saddened that my pinhead was way too small to keep them on. The slightest movement sent them flying. Wah wah waaaaaaah.

I could have had them sized I'm sure, but let's be honest, I'm lazy. My loss was a normal-size-headed-person's gain, however. And the winner is.... Vanessa! Woo woo wooooo! Let's see how she looks in them and her thoughts on the subject, shall we?

I am Heather's pinhead polar opposite, my head is pretty dang big (plus I've got cray thick hair). So while the glasses went flying off Heather's lil' noggin, they remained firmly attached to mine. I love sunglasses, LOVE THEM. Price doesn't matter either, folks, I've got pairs that have set me back quite a bundle and others that only cost a few bucks. They are all my precious babies, and I love and care for them equally.

I normally like something a little in the cat-eye family, but I certainly wasn't going to turn down this new pair Heather handed over. It's a total bummer they didn't fit her, because I think they looked super cool on her. We always joke about her angry eyebrows, but they gave them an extra dose of fierce! They're super comfy and I like the two-tone color, it keeps them classic but not borrrring. Sunglasses are a great way to add some color and, in a nod to the reunited Spice Girls, a little zigga-zig-ahh to your wardrobe. The greatest part is that you don't have to spend a lot, you can find places like Firmoo that have tons of options for low prices.

So what are you waiting for? JUST PAY SHIPPING.
<3 Heather and Vanessa

photo: Elton John's sunglasses collection

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