Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sweet, Sweet, Sweeping

I feel you are ready for more information, my little sweepers in training.

First, open up a new email account (or use an old email account you have laying around). You will receive a large amount of email everyday and I personally didn't want all of that mixed in with my regular email. I find it makes it easier to separate the junk mail and I know to carefully comb through all email on my "sweeping" account... you never know when you'll get notification of a win or something you have to respond to. I try to go through occasionally and unsubscribe from as many as I can, but I'm not good at keeping up with that. At this point I get about 150 emails a day on my sweeping account. BOOORING.

Ok, not really. Sadly, going home from work to check my email is a highlight of my day. It's so exciting to find a win waiting for me! Going through the emails carefully also helps me keep up with deals and new contests/sweeps.

Some people also get a different phone number... like one of those internet phone message thingies. I didn't bother. Possibly because I'm too lazy, but honestly in the past year of sweeping and using my personal cell number I've only had a few telemarketer calls. How wude. I was hoping to one day get a sexy time message from a stranger.

Got those down? Ok time for a test. I will start you off with one of the websites I feel was easiest to read and navigate when I was first starting out, and is a website that I still check whenever I can. Free Stuff Times breaks down the contests into entry types, gives basic info on each, and expiration date. The link above goes straight to single entry sweeps so you can enter as many as you want, but not worry about the commitment. Gurl, just send him packing when you get bored.

Photo: painting by Pearl Frush, "Pin-up Sweeping"

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  1.'s sort of addicting. Thanks to you, I've signed up for three things already!