Thursday, August 11, 2011

Divine Cheapliness

     Cheapliness is next to godliness. Oh, wait, that’s not how it goes?
     I was born cheap. It’s in my blood. Even when I have extra money, it can be hard to let it go. I don’t know exactly why that is… perhaps fear of the unknown. I may need the money at some future date for some scary disaster or shoe emergency.
     The past couple of years I have worked on turning this stingy attitude and desires into a blossoming hobby.  Blossoming. I said it. I thought to myself, “I deserve fun, new, and exciting things. I deserve to go places and be amazing, dammit!” These tiny grubby hands of mine get in the way, but what if I can find ways to have these things I desire without feeling guilty about spending so much of my hard(ly) earned money?

     And then I found sweepstakes.

     I try to save money in any way I can. I’m a good comparison shopper for bigger purchases, I use coupons (and have been getting much better at it with help), and I like to sell things to generate more money for items I need or want. These things are all great and something I can count on all the time. Money saving tips are my besties, but sweepstakes is my (exciting and sexy) fling.
     Entering sweepstakes allows me to dream big and occasionally win something I’ve always wanted. Or maybe not wanted at all, but that’s beside the point. It doesn’t cost me any money and I’ve won some pretty neat things over the past year… things I would not have purchased for myself. The world is telling me that yes, I deserve it.
     Why thank you, world.
     Now, some warnings.  Sweeping can be very time consuming. There’s a million billion sweepstakes and contests out there and not only is it overwhelming (like woah), but it takes many, many minutes to go through and find them all, read rules, figure out what you want to enter, categorize and save them on your computer (if you plan on entering more than once), fill out forms, etc, etc. Do not give up. If this is new to you: take it slow. Visit one sweepstake site and perhaps go through single entry sweeps to get started. No big pressure. No need to go back and enter again. Fill in info, BAM, you’re done. As you get more into it, start adding to your favorites any sweep that allows more than one entry. Many are one entry a day.
     DO NOT EXPECT INSTANT GRATIFICATION. This is the hardest part. It can take weeks and even months to see any results. You have to remember that thousands of people are entering the same contests you are entering. The odds are against you, but it is not impossible.
     Over the next couple weeks I will go further into these mind-altering instructions. I will train you to be a fiercely real sweeper. Once I feel that you are ready, I will post amazing sweepstakes for you to lust over. 

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