Thursday, August 18, 2011

Banana "Ice Cream": A cheap and magical treat

My summer of 2011 brought a few culinary firsts: My first trip to the famous Rockaway Beach (and hence, Rockaway Taco), my first "Iced Coffee Sangria" (which an eager barista talked me into on a 90 degree day), my first time cooking with Herbes de Provence and Himalayan pink salt (both from the bargain shelf o' kitchen delights at Marshall's. How could I resist?), and my first taste of Crystal Light's new Lime Maragarita flavor (still on the fence abut this one. Hint: tequila helps). I know, it is an exciting and whirlwind life that I lead.

One of my favorite foodie firsts this summer also happens to be one of the simplest concoctions ever. Banana ice cream! Churning frozen bananas into ice cream is not a new discovery but it sure was to me when I picked up the idea somewhere along the blogosphere. Here's what you do: throw frozen, peeled bananas, unsweetened cocoa powder (I like Trader Joe's because it's organic and like $2) and a splash of milk (I've even used water or a bit of french vanilla coffee creamer in a pinch.You cannot mess this up!) in a blender or food processer (no fancy machine with a corny name neccasary). You can add more cocoa powder if you want it super chocolate-y and less banana-y. If you are feeling decadent, you could even toss in some chocolate chips, dried cherries, peanut butter or almonds before serving. I've made this several times a week all summer long. Obsessed. Even my boyfriend loves it and his idea of healthy food is putting ranch dressing on something (really). I enjoy a bowl of ice cream like the next person (Ben and Jerry's Half Baked, please) and banana Ice cream isn't ice cream exactly but it does have the same cold creamy deliciousness that makes me crave the stuff. The frozen bananas take on a consistency strangely and delightfully similar to soft-serve but have almost no fat, no dairy, only about 100 calories, and costs pennies since as you might know, bananas are super cheap (I read all about it in Freakonimics).

To score even more cheap-o points, I like to buy a big bag of over ripe bananas (even better for this recipe) for $1 at the bodgea by my apartment. I peel, chop, and freeze the bananas so I always have them on hand. Guilt free ice cream in every aspect! I like to serve mine in a vintage champagne coup and with a demitasse spoon, but that's just because I'm fancy like that. 

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