Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Policy Police

When shopping, you should always have a printed copy of the store coupon policy with you. Here are the printable policies for TargetVON'SRalph's, and Albertsons. CVS does not have a coupon policy online, you must request it from them or you can go here to get the gist (I’ve always wanted to type that word) of their policy.
Here is a quick rundown on each store. Target, I live there. No, I really do. I go so often, I’m surprised they don’t charge me rent (even if they did, I would have a coupon for that too.) Target is awesome because they usually accept printed coupons no problem, AND you can stack coupons (See Vanessa’s amazing article). Target offers the most store coupons which makes couponing there a breeze; a hot, sexy breeze full of amazing deals...

VON'S also accepts printed coupons and allows stacking (but they offer a very limited amount of store coupons for this opportunity.) The one bonus that VON'S offers is "doubling coupons" up to $1.00. So basically, one coupon per item can be “doubled” or have its value increased to $1.00. Coupons that are $1.00 or more will be redeemed at face value. Ralph’s and VON'S coupon policies are almost identical. I like this fact, because then it makes it easier for me to go to the market, and I all I have to do is compare the prices at each store on the item's I need. Ralph’s is where I go for meat, because meat is “Le Expensive” (very expensive in fancy speak) everywhere else.
The next two most common stores in my area are the two that I need to get to know better, CVS and Albertson’s. CVS deals offer Extra Care Buck’s. ECBs are linked to certain products each week (it is their form of a sale and part of the CVS loyalty program) and will print on the bottom of your receipt. You must first pay for the product, then receive your ECB. Another cool thing about CVS that I didn’t know until recently is you NEED to purchase a Green Bag Tag. This is CVS’ way of getting their customers to start shopping with re-usable bags and it's also good for the earth blah blah blah yadda yadda. After purchasing a green bag tag, attach it to a re-usable shopping bag and then for every 4 times that you scan the GB Tag, you will earn $1.00 ECB. You can use the GB tag once a day.

Now on to Albetson's...Ugh...Albertson’s by far is my least favorite place to shop at. When I think of shopping at Albertsons, i feel like this. I am a big fan of doubling coupons, and Albertsons is not, so needless to say, I do not shop there often and they will not be getting a Kwanzaa present from me!
Couponing always results in me totally buying stuff I don’t and won’t ever need but it’s so cheap I can give it away! Is it purely coincidental that most of the stuff I end up getting for free or dirt cheap (dirt is surprisingly expensive at most places)are personal hygiene and toiletry items and that most smelly and/or homeless people don't have any hygiene? I think so, so I keep them all for myself.

 ~posted by Charlotte the Whoreder

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