Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Make your own Coloring Book

Making your own coloring book is a great for kids and adults alike. You would think since I'm the "mom" of the group that I stumbled upon this because I was making a coloring book for my 3 year old...nope.

What triggered this was me shopping for the un-shoppable person in my life (you know who you are). I was at Urban Outfitters looking for something cheeky, quirky, and sexy and stumbled upon this Ryan Gosling coloring book. The idea was great, but the price tag of $14 was not! But I was now hooked on this idea of a grown-up sexy man coloring book, so I ventured into making my own! I mean seriously, who doesn't want a book full of this ?

Anyways, there are a few ways to make your own coloring books. The easiest way is to have someone else do it for you, for FREE. Here are the two websites I found that will take almost any picture and turn it into a "coloring book page".

I tried a few of these out and my favorite one was Coloring Page Creator. Here is the book I made...all of awesome men, Oliver "THE Boston Terrier"....oh, and a hot dog. Enjoy!

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