Friday, October 19, 2012

Cheap Thrills - Faux No You Di'int!

It's the return of Cheap Thrills! I had to take a little break when I moved to a new job, but now that I'm all settled in, I can get back to sharing my retail therapy with the world. In this week's post, we're gonna fake it 'til we make it.

Normally, fakes are a bad thing, except for lashes and really good Photoshop. And, as our little friend Snooki is demonstrating, fake fur and leather. When you go with faux fur and leather, you save animals and money - everyone's a winner!  I rounded up a bunch of different leather and fur pieces... whether you want to go head to toe like Snooki, or just add small touches is totally up to you, darlings.


Guess quilted faux leather jacket - Macy's, $94.99 (was $180) 
This jacket has a couple of little twists to keep it fresh, a quilted texture, the asymmetrical zipper, and the double-fold neckline. It comes in 2 colors, sizes XS - XL, sale end 10/29, so HURRY! If you want the more traditional biker jacket, check out this Topshop studded jacket at Nordstrom.

Topshop Maternity "Maddox" faux leather jacket - Nordstrom, $116 
Just because you're sporting a baby bump, doesn't mean you can't get your biker momma look on. Nordstrom has this fetus friendly jacket with a detachable fur collar that will make you the coolest mom at stroller biker gang meet-ups.

Dollhouse faux leather jacket - Macy's, $50.99 (was $60) 
It's hard to find a nice cropped leather jacket in plus sizes, but one trick I've learned is to check out the junior plus sizes for the cooler, more youthful stuff. This Dollhouse jacket comes in two colors, black and chestnut brown, and will be on sale through 10/29.

BKE faux leather jacket - Buckle, $79.95
This jacket from Buckle fulfills my "I really want a Michael Jackson Thriller red leather jacket" dreams! I love the 3/4 sleeves, so this jacket will look rull cute over a dress. It only comes in one color, and is available in sizes XS - L.

Tan faux leather jacket - Torrid, $78.50
I'm really digging this tan leather jacket, I think it's the scalloped trim - it makes it slightly feminine but doesn't mess with the overall look of a leather jacket. This one is available at Torrid, in sizes 0 - 5.

Biker style vest - H&M, $34.95
H&M always brings the affordable basics, you can get this vest in black (as shown) or light tan in sizes 4-12. They don't have a plus size option, but I'm hoping my repeated emails will let them know that there's a market for more of their H&M+ options.

Faux fur vest - H&M, $34.95
There is no escaping the fur vest trend! Since it's not going anywhere, I had to find a nice one at a good price. H&M came through again... as long as you're a size 2-12.

Tahari jacket with faux fur collar - Macy's, $99.99 (was $170)
The fur vest isn't my thing, but this is! It's available in black, garnet, and navy, in sizes S/M and L/XL. Secret Santas, take note.

Film Star stole in faux fur - ASOS $43.98 (was $131.93)
If you aren't lucky enough to have inherited a vintage stole from a fashionable relative, you can score this one in faux fur from ASOS for under $50!

leopard coats 
It's my personal belief that if you're gonna do a faux fur coat, it should be in leopard.  Here are a few options for different budgets and sizes.

Free People faux leopard coat - Nordstrom, $248
This one is on the spendy side, but it's adorable! It might not be something you can wear everyday, but this little swing coat can be a permanent fixture in your wardrobe. It's only available in sizes 0-10, which makes a little sad, but I can't stay mad at something so cute.

Topshop "Karin" faux leopard coat - Nordstrom, $150
The Karin coat is a different silhouette, a little less juniors and a little more mature lady. But like the other coat, it can be something you can wear year-long for oodles of years.

Weatherproof faux fur topper - Nordstrom, $178
Nordstrom stikes again, this time with a cute plus size option. This one already made my Christmas wish list, fyi. It's available in sizes 1X-3X, which translates into 14/16, 18/20, and 22/24.


Leggings with faux leather panels - H&M, $24.95
These are a little easier to slip on than all leather pants, they're comfy jersey leggings with faux leather panels. Party in the front, comfy stretchy pants in the back! Available in black and white, sizes XS-XL.

American Rag leggings with leather inset - Macy's, $26.99 (was $49)
If you want to tone down the leather with just a small touch of leather, get a load of these American Rag leggings from Macy's. Comfy stretchy leggings with faux leather inset, like regular old leggings with an added kick - available in sizes XL-3X.

NY straight leg pants with faux leather trim - Macy's, $46
For even more subtly, you can try something like these NY straight leg pants with faux leather trim on the pockets. These are available in sizes 2-18, and are a great example of how you can update basics with just a teeny bit of effort.

H&M+ Waxed denim jeans - H&M, $49.95 
These waxed denim jeans aren't faux leather, but the shiny texture gives them the illusion of being so. They're from H&M's plus size line, and would only be available at locations that carry the line. I'm on the case to find a pair and try them on myself.

Charter Club faux leather A-line skirt - Macy's $63.99 (was $89)
Leather skirts don't always need to be hoochified for clubbin', this A-line style from Charter Club can work to bring your leather loving ways to the office without violating the company dress code.

Studio M faux leather mini skirt - Macy's, $49.99 (was $78)
Opting for  brown skirt over black will keep you from looking too evening if you want to go the mini route. This Studio M skirt is on extra clearance sale for one day only! The extra saving price ends on 10/20, make sure to check your mail and the internets for your Macy's savings pass for an extra discount.

The faux doesn't stop with clothing, you can find tons of accessories in faux leather and fur. The best part of faux, aside from the price, is that you can get a leather/fur look in tons of fun colors.

Crossbody purse - Buckle, $54.95
I love red purse, kids. This bright red crossbody bag is available online at Buckle, they've got tons of other styles so go browse the site!

Camden belted satchel - Handbag Heaven, $46.79 (was $95)
I will be green with envy if I see any of you with this bag, for real. Handbag Heaven has tons of bags at great prices, your mind will be boggled.

Faux shearing mittens - ASOS, $26.39
Keep your paws warm with these mittens from ASOS, they're trimmed with faux leather - so you'll get a two for one faux experience.

Givenchy faux fur brooch - Nordstrom, $68
Pin on a little faux fur luxury with this Givenchy brooch! Once you start playing around with them, you'll see that brooches can be an easy way to add color, whimsy, and oomph to your outfit. Pin them on, wear them with necklaces, or you can even work them into your favorite chapeau or headband. Work it!

Faux leather headband - Tano Jewelry, $7.99 
Blame it on all the Gossip Girl in my Netflix queue, but I'm really loving the Blair Waldorf headbands right now. Go skinny like the one fro Tano, or pump it up with something like this one from Great Lookz

I heart JB cuff - Claire's $10.50
Wear your Bieber fever heart on your sleeve with this snazzy faux leather cuff from Claire's. I wish they had them in every boy band flavor!

That's all for this time, my cheeky monkeys! Cheap Thrills is back, and my retail therapy needs are in overdrive. Prepare yourselves for my holiday wish list lust in the coming weeks. We better do some stretching...


  1. Yes, please to half of this post. Gimmie.

  2. I'm with heather... I waaaaaunt like half of this stuff

  3. I especially approve of the MJ jacket, the green bag, and the first leopard coat. Again, gimmie.

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