Tuesday, October 16, 2012

American Horror Story Season Premiere: Dressing the Part

It's the happiest time of the year for a couple of us Whoreders... October means a few things: cold weather (perfect for busting out a dozen new pairs of tights), Halloween, pumpkin flavored everything, and THE NEW SEASON OF AMERICAN HORROR STORY! We've been counting the days to the new season, although we were thrown for a loop when we discovered that Harmon family storyline would end with season one, and we'd have to say goodbye to Tate, Violet, and Murder House.

Vanessa visiting Tate at Murder House
Because the new season will premiere just before Halloween, naturally we're going to dress up as our favorite characters when we tune in on October 17th. In case any of you are as obsessed inspired as we are, we thought it would be fun to put together some fashion inspiration based off our favorite living and dead characters. Because we haven't been properly introduced to the new characters, we're mainly sticking to our favorites from last season. Warning: to anyone who hasn't caught up with the first season, there will be spoilers in this post, so go catch up then come back and read this!

Season One 


Our main squeeze, Tate Langdon, is up first - and before we start I'd like to present him with this card from Pygmy Hippo Shoppe. Love you, boo.

Tate is a trouble teen who entered the Murder House Ghost Club in 1994, his wardrobe is pretty typical 21st century teenage dude without any 90s cheesy trends. When not murdering his fellow classmates, Tate is usually in jeans and a rumpled long-sleeve shirt or slightly baggy sweater. All that haunting leaves Tate's bones shivering in the cold, so he might cover up with a cozy cardigan if he's feeling romantic and a structured hooded jacket when he's feeling more sinister. (P.S.,  thanks to Tom Hardy rocking the cardigan like no other in Lawless, the men's cardigan shall now be known as the Hardigan. - Vanessa) Ladies and svelte young men can take the Tate school shooter look even further with these skeleton leggings from Target.


Constance Langdon, one of our favorite tv moms in the history of tv moms. Whether she's making ipecac cupcakes, committing murder, or in the throes of a mental breakdown, she always looks glammed out. Most of her wardrobe has a slight retro feel, but nothing over the top. No bell bottoms or platforms will ever ruin this southern belle's sleek silhouette. Seek out your inner Constance with a classic shirt dress like this one in animal print by Ralph Lauren. Get your mod mom style on with the same style dress in a houndstooth print, you can also work some 60s/70s vibes in there with a cool geometric print. If you don't want the print to steal your thunder, try it in a solid color like this pretty periwinkle dress from ModCloth. If you want a sexier Constance look, try something like this shorter shift dress with a paisley style print. And of course, if you're a Langdon woman, you're going to need a black dress for a funeral - we found this little lacy number at JC Penney for you. If you're looking for a laid back lounge look, think silky kimono wraps. You can go for a pretty print like this Blue Bird Kimono, or something with some lacy touches like this one from Jones of New York.


Sweet Adelaide, who just wanted to be a pretty girl... well, careful what you wish for. Before her unfortunate demise, Adelaide lurked about in very youthful dresses - polka dots, bows, Peter Pan collars, etc. She may not have been as innocent as she appeared, but girl worked some adorable looks. Sexy maid outfits and otherworldly creatures may have captured most of the attention on the show, but Adelaide is probably my (Vanessa's) favorite character from season one. ModCloth would have been the stuff of dreams for her, so it was hard to narrow down our choices. This sailor dress is so Addie, I could weep. As is this Annie-style dress with a white Peter Pan collar, and this Bluebird and Blossoms dress. If you're looking for separates, try this polka-dot top and match it with a pencil or pleated school girl skirt. Speaking of polka-dots, this one is to die for... oh, too soon?

For some extra Addie touches, you can try this detachable polka dog lady bug collar from Pygmy Hippo Shoppe.  Don't forget the headbands, hairpins, more hairpins, and your pretty girl mask. Remember to look both ways before crossing the street, my pretties.


Here comes double trouble! Moira comes in two varieties, sex kitten and vintage. Both Moiras are stuck in the same costume every episode, so because there are two of them, we'll bring you two different approaches. Not young and mature, but rather, inspired by and literal. The inspiration section is about playing with the black and white of the maid's uniform, like with this cute musical themed dress from ModCloth. This black keyhole lace dress from JC Penney can be kept young with bare legs, and a simple pair of tights can make it transform into something ladies of a certain age can wear as well. If Moira used her one night away from home to go on a hot date, she might wear this bow dress from Dorothy Perkins, or perhaps this black lace skater dress.

Now if you really want to look like one of the Moiras, we've got something for you too. There are plenty of prepackaged maid costumes out there,  but getting your costume out of a plastic bag is no fun! Find your favorite black dress, as short or long as you'd like, and add a lace apron like this one on Etsy. You can even find sets with the collar and apron! If you wanna get a little wild, just go with something like this sequined apron from Fredericks.

Rubber Man

We saved the best for last, Rubber Man, everyone's favorite latex clad ghost! Not a look for the faint at heart, but we know there are some of you with the gumption to pull this off. This one isn't as difficult to pull off as you might think, since an official AHS Rubber Man costume was released. If rubber isn't your thing, you can try this second skin suit from Target, wanna work it camouflage style? Pull these leggings on (if you dare) for just a touch of Rubber Man fierceness, and pair it with the perfect shirt! Baby powder will help slide that pesky latex on, and good luck being the thing that goes squeak in the night!

Season Two

We'll meet all the new characters this week, but here's a peek at what to expect in next year's post...

Good luck, and happy premiere week, our precious honey boo boos!


  1. OMG this might be my favorite post and I had nothing to do with it, le sigh...
    Anyways doesnt Tate come back? And now we just need a picture outside of whatever Asylum they film at...Id like to imagine it's a rundown haunted asylum and not a lot on a TV/movie studio...



  2. Yes, Tate comes back... but not as Tate. In order to further mess with our minds, some of the actors from season one are back, but they're playing completely different characters.

    Just wait for the party post, pretty girl.