Tuesday, October 16, 2012

American Horror Story Premiere Party Time

We Whoreders love a party post, especially when it's about the return of one of our favorite shows! Tomorrow marks the day for the season two premiere of American Horror Story: Asylum. Important note: if you have your DVR set to record the show, update the subscription to the new show title (make sure it includes the word Asylum), otherwise the old setting won't record the new episodes. Because we love any excuse to get together with friends for food and drinks, we put together some ideas you might enjoy for your own premiere party. Hang on to your gimp masks!


Stained Glass - No need to spend thousand of dollars on renovating your windows, check out this article for easy, budget friendly DIY stained glass windows!

Creepy Vintage Photos - Take a cue from the season one opening credits and go get yourself some vintage photos and spooky prints to put up as party decorations. Don't feel weird if you want to keep them up year-round, we do. Hunt around your local antique/thrift stores, yard sales, or let ebay be your vintage photo treasure trove! Or perhaps something like this Lydia Deetz framed print from Pygmy Hippo Shoppe is more your style.

Apple Bobbing - Who can forget Chad and Patrick's Halloween apple bobbing murder? Recreate your own killer party game with this tub, and save it for your future BBQs and parties.


Sinister Candy Apples - try this dark twist on candy apples... once you go black, you'll never go back.

Evil Eye Deviled Eggs - technically, this is more for a Lord of the Rings party, but we think it would still be a hit at your haunted house.

Cheesy Tate Tots -  My idea of a perfect evening is curling up on the couch with Tate and feeding each other cheesy tater tots. Mmmhmm. Get fancy and them homemade, or if you're running out of time, take this shortcut.

Steak Tartare - Remember Vivian's raw meat cravings? Frankly, my raw cravings lean towards cookie dough, but to each their own.

Brain Jello - If you can't quite stomach the steak tartare, get your Vivian cravings out with this brain Jello mold. Mmm, braaaaaains.

Poison Cupcakes - Constance gave Violet some yummy homemade ipecac cupcakes, but you can dial the psycho down a few notches and just give your guests some treats that only appear to be evil. Make your own favorite kind and give them a ghostly topper, or use fondant to create some seriously spooky sweets


During this premiere party, you might find yourself in need of some liquid courage. Might we suggest a bloody mary? Maybe your inner Constance would like a sweet tea with some extra oomph. Get your crazy on with some absinthe drinks! We invented a drink just for this post, The Pretty Girl! It's a Chambord and champagne drink, click on the link for the recipe - but I'll tell you right now, it's super easy. Glass. Champagne. Splash of Champbord. Boom.

Party Games

While you're waiting for the episode to start, you might need some activities to keep you and your guests entertained. If your group is crafty, craft yourself some gimp masks! Try the apple bobbing game we mentioned above, just make sure not to murder anyone... you'll only get stuck cleaning up the mess. Make your own AHS pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey themed game by printing photos of your favorite characters and pinning stickers to them - I'd suggest a photo of Tate and kiss print stickers. If all else fails, you can sit around and discuss your favorite Whoreders posts, fun for everyone!

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