Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Peel

Hello. Angry Baby Heather here, and I still have spotty sun spots.
Looking back at my old before photos I realize the spots have faded quite a bit after an IPL photofacial treatment, two microderm treatments and various at home treatments (PMD microderm, various serums, and lots of SPF). Makes me happier, but I still want them completely gone. Also, notice how often I change my hair color. Poor hair.
BzzAgent offered to send me Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Peel to test and review and of course I said yes. I will try just about anything that will even out my skin tone.
Here are my before photos:
Not bad. But not good enough, dammit.
So, let's talk about the serum.
Smell: Meh. Not good, not bad. I didn't really notice it.
Texture: Feels just like some expensive serums I have tried in the past. It is clear and semi gooey feeling, spreads easily and absorbs quickly. You may feel a slight tingling sensation, that's the acid dissolving your face. Just kidding. It is working it's magic, attacking dead skin cells.
What happens: I noticed about 20-30 minutes after applying the nightly peel that I could literally scrub off dead skin with my fingers, that's how well it works. At first I was slightly concerned that it was too strong to use every night, but I went for it and everything was fine. Dead skin always comes off, but my skin is never irritated. My skin felt more and more smooth by the day and I noticed it was brighter and healthier looking.
Thirty days later it was time for an after photo comparison:

Annnnd the spots are still there. I really wasn't expecting them to disappear easily, so it wasn't disappointing at all. It was only 30 days, and I have only finished about 1/5 of the bottle at this point. Perhaps 5 months later I will see some improvement in my skin tone. I will continue using Garnier Dark Spot Peel for the smooth and bright skin alone, and if it happens to correct the dark spots it will be a happy bonus.

At $15-17 a bottle and spread out over 4-5 months, we're only talking about $3 a month, so why not?


  1. Yay for this review! The "acid dissolving your face" part made me want to try this (for reals) so I did. Besides noticably smoother skin, I haven't noticed a huge difference but that's enough for me!

    1. Yay! Let's dissolve our faces together!