Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Diaper Dash at Target

Because I always want to avoid the situation above, I am always stocked up on diapers. I am constantly on the lookout for a good diaper deal (for my toddler, not me of course). There happens to be an amazeballs deal going on at Target right now for Huggies. Rarely do I get so excited about a deal that I rush home to blog about it. Okay, that's not true, but still, this is a REALLY GOOD deal! I know my fellow Whore(der)s may roll their eyes once they figure out that I'm blogging about diapers, YES, DIAPERS, but I'm so excited and I just can't hide it (much like Jesse Spano).

Huggies boxes typically retail for $19.79 each. Target has a deal going right now if you buy 3 boxes, you get a $10 Gift Card. On top of this gift card deal, there is a printable $10 Gift Card coupon when you make a $50 purchase, PLUS a $5 Gift Card when you spend $25 on Kimberly Clark products found in the 10/30 SS insert. I used all of these offers in addition to my THREE $2/1 manufacturer coupons and THREE $2/1 printable Target coupons.
After Gift Cards (& tax), I only spent a grand total of $24.43! Its like Buy One Get TWO FREE!!!!! Also, an $8 off $80 purchase coupon should print out at checkout. Because you can print the Facebook coupon TWICE, you will have one left to use in conjunction with the $8 off $80 on a future purchase!

Picture thanks to AbodianoFul

Inside the Box: November

Hey guys, sorry I (Charlotte) flaked last month, but luckily you have Vanessa to write awesome reviews in my absence. It's almost like she doesn't need me...almost. Anyhow, by now, you should all be well acquainted with Birchbox, so let's dive right in!

Charlotte's November Birchbox

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What The Pluck?

For many of us ladies, and a growing number of gentlemen, eyebrow grooming and maintenance is serious business. I've been waxing mine since my early 20s, and have always gone to a salon because I wouldn't know what I'm doing and would probably accidentally wax off my entire brow. Plus, I've got what's been described as "strong brows" (which is a nice way of saying big 'ol brows), so I think it's best to leave that kind of heavy lifting to a professional. 

I've been to a variety of places, from a bargain mall shop to a super fancy spa. Brow services have set me back anywhere from $10-12 on the low end, to $30+ on the high end. My experiences have taught me that you usually get what you pay for. $10 got me shoddy work, which I had to go home and attempt to clean up afterward. The more expensive spa brow work delivered great brows and extas like paraffin wax treatments on my hands. Very nice, but not always budget friendly. I found my groove in the $20 - $25 range, that offered both quality work and elevated service (no leftover wax on my face, free samples of products, etc.) that still felt like I was being pampered. But the cost still added up, and no matter how much I spent I still ended up with pink irritated skin that broke out after a day or two. So I started to wonder, was there a solution that would keep my brows tamed, money in my pocket and skin clear?

Monday, November 28, 2011

And the winner is....

(insert drumroll here)

Kathy Pease! Yay Kathy! You get two bottles of Suave Dry Shampoo!

Random numbers generated Nov 28 2011 at 8:34:37 by Free educational resources for parapsychology, psychical research & mind magic.

Swanky Sweepin' Volume 9

Trip to NYC one winner and 90 instant prizes (Macy's gift cards), ends 1/2

Be a real Trekkie ends 12/4, two winners

40 Blu-Ray players and 6 TVs ends 12/31

24 round trip flights and assorted other prizes, ends 1/6. If you check the official rules there's a few ways to enter without a purchase

Friday, November 25, 2011

Not So Common Black Friday Deals

I have rounded up just a few online deals for all you Whore(der)s who dare not brave the cray cray Black Friday Shoppers...

6 PM- They are having amazing deals on name brand items, PLUS every hour, on the hour, they are offering one item (different each hour) for the low price of $24 PLUS free shipping.

80's Purple- BLACKOUT Holiday Sale going on now thru Monday, November 28.

Amika- Use code "CYBERHOLIDAY" for 40% off your purchase good thru Sunday, November 27

Anthropologie- Additional 25% off clearance today thru Sunday, November 27

Vapur Giveaway!

Vapur (insert theatrical pause here). No, I'm not talking about this or this, I'm talking about this. Vapur claims to be the "Anti Water Bottle". I thought to myself, "the Anti-Water Bottle? Really? Why the hell is someone trying so hard to rebel against being a water bottle? I'm going to rebel against them rebelling" Then I found out my best friend's boyfriend works for their company...Oops. Fast Forward a few months when  I went to a Dodger game with above mentioned friends, and he brought me a few bottles for gifts; one for my niece, my husband, and myself and it was love at first sip.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

For the Borracho In your Life

Here you go,
Priced high to low
For all you drunks
And your Borracho 


So... a few posts ago I mentioned that I won a slow cooker, well, I got it. AND I LOVE IT. It doesn't make my life any easier... I'm not gonna lie. It takes about the same work as a normal meal, but slow cooking your food can bring out a whole different taste. It allows the flavors to mingle and the textures to crumble (in a crumbly moist way, not a crumbly no-no way).

I plan on making a bunch of recipes in this bad boy, but for starters I went with chili. And again, I challenged myself to only use what I had in the kitchen ready to go.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Swanky Sweepin' Volume 8

Best Buy Money ends 12/26, enter once a week. Over 500 winners, use free code INHEREITSALWAYSFRIDAY

Philosophy 5 winners a day, ends 12/23 17 really good prizes, over 27000 prizes of a 6 month internet security software, ends 12/31
Kitchen stuff 1-5 prizes a day, ends 12/15
Tacky pink boombox ends 11/24

Friday, November 18, 2011

Cheap Thrills: She Blinded Me With Science

SCIENCE! We love it, right? Well, I know I love yelling out the word when I'm trying to justify doing something slightly ridiculous. But science is our friend, even when it comes to shopping. For this week's installment of Cheap Thrills, I decided to focus on goodies with high tech materials or construction. So everyone, please, get your lab coats on and make sure your goggles are strapped on tight....

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Stud Muffin

So what's this "Stud Embellishment" trend all about? You can see it on celebs, goths, emo kids, and hipsters alike. Studs, like any embellishment, add that extra "Oomph", or "Pizazz" to your outfit *insert Jazz hands here*. Studs have been around forever and they are trendy as a MoFo right now. Here are some Cheap and Chic options if you don't want to go the route of bad 80's.

Available at theOutnet on sale for $129.50

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Get Nailed: *Special Edition* Movember

This week, I did a fun and easy pattern for my nails. I used Essie Mod Squad polish for the base, which I got for $2.99 on clearance at Ulta and have been dying to try! I used my Milani Black Magic polish (and a toothpick) to create the black polka dots and my Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Black to draw mustaches on my middle fingers. Mix it up any way you want, and make it you're own! 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Head Cold

Dear Whoreders,

I have made another Etsy Treasury list for you... this time head and neck coverings for cold weather, all under $30! A bargain, I say!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Magical Hair Powder

Hi. My name is Heather and I have flat hair.
(insert sobbing here)

I have typical white girl straight hair. I can't complain - my hair treats me pretty well even though I'm mean to it all the time. No, I take that back, I AM going to complain. HOWDAREYOU, hair! You're so flat and boring! YOU'RE RUINING MY LIFE.

My hair is needy, too... it INSISTS on being washed every day.

Things have changed around here, as I have found an answer to the battle of this deflated fluff of fringe. I have briefly mentioned Suave Dry Shampoo before, but it really is a great product. So great that I decided to contact Suave to see if they would let me do a proper review and sure enough they were awesome enough to let me!

Swanky Sweepin' Volume 7

Shoes 500 pairs, ends 12/9
Bedding 132 prizes, ends 12/12
Hair stuffs ends 11/28, 570 instant prizes
Trip to Kenya and 1,000 tea cups given away, ends 3/31/12, use code LC873HRS

Friday, November 11, 2011

Cheap Thrills: Bag Ladies

I was born a bag lady, my parents tell me my favorite game as a wee Vanessa was to have my dad dangle me upside down while I screamed, "LET ME GET MY PURSE!" in Spanish. Yes, I suffered a head injury as a child, but I'm pretty sure my obsession with bags, purses, totes, satchels, etc., would have come out eventually anyway. So as we prepare to greet Santa and his bulging sack of goodies, let's find ourselves some lovely bags of our own, shall we?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Get Nailed: By Dr. Seuss

My daughter and I have been reading Dr. Seuss beginner books lately and I came across a set I really like but hadn't read before; Put me In the Zoo, and it's sequel I Want to be Somebody New!. These are really fun books (that happen to be on sale) by Robert Lopshire and they teach you all about colors and other fun things. She seemed to really like the main character who is a yellow and red spotted leopard. Since we were already having mommy and me time by reading together, I figured we could paint our nails (and our faces lol)drawing inspiration from this kids book.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Swanky Sweepin' Volume 6

Ooo, gurl, I got some good ones for you today!

Assorted prizes 46 winners, ends 12/30
Computers Ends 12/24
A laptop a day!  Ends 12/31

Friday, November 4, 2011

Cheap Thrills: Coif It Up

In this edition of Cheap Thrills we'll be exploring our inner hair inspirations, be it Rapunzel, Mia Farrow (circa Rosemary's Baby) or Curly Sue. The bevy of hair accessories available to us is staggering, but let's try to narrow it down to a selection that is worthy of our lovely locks that won't break the bank. Toss your hair back and dive in!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Inside the Box: October

Charlotte explained Birchbox in a previous post, but for those of you who didn't read it or need a reminder, it is a service you subscribe to (for $10/month) that provides you with deluxe beauty samples. They don't send the same old box out to everyone, you fill out a beauty profile to help determine which samples you'll receive. You get about 4 samples plus a bonus item, and the bonuses can be non-beauty related. In the past few months I've gotten: a handmade note card, a friendship bracelet, and a fancy elastic hair tie. Once you get your goodies, you can try them out and buy the full size versions from Birchbox - they've got deals for discounts or free shipping on some products. You can also earn points to cash in for rewards later. Woo! Discounts and rewards, those are two of our favorite words!Oh, and everything comes wrapped in this gorgeous burgundy colored tissue paper. Since I'm a huge sucker for packaging, I think it's a fabulous touch!

Charlotte and I (Vanessa) are both subscribed to Birchbox, and we decided to review our boxes each month and share it with you. Let's get started...