Friday, September 30, 2011

Cheap Thrills: Fall The Rage

In this week's Cheap Thrills I will confess my love for all things fall. Yes, it's sad to say goodbye to the warm summer days, but a crisp autumn evening is among my top ten favorite things in the world. Before I get into my lifelong obsession of Halloween (we'll cover that in the next few weeks), I want to get into the back-to-school feeling that I find so comforting about this time of year. I'm a major nerd, I loved school and I loved back to school shopping. If Harry Potter had been around when I was in school, I would have dressed like Hermione all year long. When I think of my dream Hermione wardrobe, I think of the outer layer, jackets and coats! Let's take a look at what I found: 


Yes, that is a bird wearing a wig while sweeping.

I come to you today with a challenge. I want you to win a twitter sweepstake.

Twitter confuses me. I'm not a big fan, but I see potential. Not only can it be used for stalking people and being witty with friends, but it is a great social connection and yet another place giveaways can be found.

Twitter sweeps can be found on a few of the sweepstake sites, but I found my own way of searching for them: hashtags.

I'm sure some will slip through your freebie radar as not all are announced with a hashtag (although they should), but it is simple and doesn't take much time. Just try some of the examples:
#contest, #sweepstakes, #freebie, #free, #win, etc.

Some of the results will be for sweepstakes outside of twitter, but I bet you can find a few that are specifically twitter-only. They may involve retweeting or following someone, but I'm sure the odds are a little better than a traditional sweep.

If you don't want to follow random people, just open a separate twitter account.

Go get 'em twatters!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'd Tap That!

Crowdtap is a company based out of New York who's mission is to " Shift marketing to a fully collaborative and participatory process between brands and consumers." Essentially, they are a survey and opinion site. I was hesitant about it at first because I have signed up for tons of survey sites that promise rewards. I usually do surveys for about a week before I lose interest in the host site because I have only reaped a whopping $0.35 in rewards. Crowdtap promises to give you opportunities to discuss real topics and give your honest opinions. In exchange, you will move up their totem pole of awesomeness and have a chance at winning money for you, money for the charity of your choice, and chances to get free products from cool companies like Old Navy, Bing, pinkberry, and more! All you have to id follow these simple steps.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Get Nailed: The Half Moon Mani

What you will need:Clear base coat
Light colored polish
Dark polish polish
5-10 reinforcement stickers
Clear top coat

How to do it:
1. Start with clean nails and apply a bas coat.

2. Apply 1-2 coats of the light base polish (depending on the coverage of the polish). Let the polish dry for 20-30 minutes.If you do not let your nails dry, you may peel off the nail polish when removing the reinforcement stickers.

3. Once nails are completely dry, place a reinforcement sticker on each nail with the outer edge of the sticker mimicking the shape of the moon of your nail.

Spooktacular Sweepstakes


Spirit Halloween Gift Card Giveaway Enter daily, ends Oct 3, 2011

Planet Goldilocks Halloween Sweepstakes Enter daily, ends Oct 17, 2011

Tombstone Facebook Halloween Giveaway Enter daily, ends Oct 24, 2011

Six Flags Fright Fest Instant Win Game Enter daily, ends Oct 30, 2011

Orange Crush Halloween Sweepstakes Enter daily, ends Oct 31, 2011

HGTV's Trick or Treat Sweepstakes Enter daily, ends Nov 1, 2011

WonkWeen Sweepstakes Enter daily, ends Nov 1, 2011

FearNet Sweepstakes Enter daily, ends Nov 22, 2011

Depression is Delicious

I made a tomato soup cake.

I know what you're thinking and you better put that face away.

Ok, here's the story: I found a recipe for this bizarre cake a few months back and needed an excuse to make it. I originally thought it was from the 1930s, a time period where money and having food on the table was a worry for the average American family. I thought that perhaps the recipe was birthed out of desperation - a need to create food out of what was available, but in my research I discovered that a recipe for this cake originally came out in the 1920s. Kind of weakened my story... but still serves as a life lesson.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Smart Phone Smarties

I love my iPhone, and not just because of my hardcore Angry Birds habit. I also love it because companies are offering exclusive coupons and deals through their store apps and mobile coupon programs. Some of the programs are available via text, and there's no smarty pants phone required, so everyone with texting capabilities on their phone can get in on the mobile couponing.
Numerous companies are doing this, and I've rounded up my top five, plus one bonus app I think deal seekers might be interested in.

Do-It-Yourself Beauty Tricks & Treats

It's late September, the first day of Autumn has passed, and Fall is in the air. Fall brings us Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, and for some reason a plethora of birthdays. Because Fall brings all things fun yet costly, I often am so broke by the end of it all that I can't afford the little things that let me keep up with appearances or the things I do to pamper myself.
So what's a broke girl to do? I've been trying out some at home beauty tips and tricks that I like. I know there are tons of options here are some tricks and treats you will fall for. (Get it?)

Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse to CLEAN hair
1 Cup Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
1 Cup water
A few drops of Rosemary Extract (optional)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Satin Scorpion Jacket

Perhaps I'm just feeling old and tired tonight and wanting a nostalgic pick-me-up, or maybe it's the leftover feelings from watching "Drive" the other day (:sigh: dreamy), but I'm craving some classic 80's movies. Let's buy some.

Here's some deals I found on Amazon (all eligible for free shipping with orders over $25) all around $6 and under - perfect for yourself and for gifts:

Diner $3.48 (popcorn in a bucket, anyone?)

The Neverending Story
combo $4.49

Princess Bride $6.49 (swoon)

Wine-O's Unite!

So you like wine? How do you feel about possibly FREE wine including shipping? I thought you'd like that... So, use this link and sign up for Lot18. "Lot18 is a membership by invitation marketplace for wine and gourmet food from coveted producers at attractive discounts". In other words it is perfect for us drunks on a budget.

Make-up Markdowns

I know we are all about cheapliness here at Whore(der)s Headquarters, but there are some things I believe it is okay to splurge on; make-up being one of them. As I was perusing the Internet looking for things to make me more beautiful (as if this is even possible), I happened upon a few sales that I thought I would share with you.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thrilling & Chilling Halloween Deals

I found some ghoul'd (good, get it?) online deals for Halloween costumes and decorations I thought I would share with you, you Sons of Witches.

GoJane Costumes $23.95- $83.95. Free shipping over $60 with code GJSHIP60

Cheap Thrills

Welcome to the first installment of Cheap Thrills! Every week I'll round up some fun splurge items (for you or as a gift) (but mostly for you, you deserve it!) all about $50 and under. I'll do the leg work, you just click on the photo or the item name to visit the site. Ready? Here we go...

Toilet Mug - $18 at Fred
Friends and co-workers will think twice before stealing your favorite coffee mug when you roll in with this bad boy.

Skewl Supplyes

Hey y'all, it's that time of year again, time to send your little boogers back to school. This stuff can get expensive, but there are always sales from August-September everywhere you look.

If you're on the late train to stocking up for school supplies, here are just a few good deals on the basics to lead you in the right direction.

Amazonian Woman

Hello kids,

I found a few deals on Amazon today and thought I would share.

You're welcome.

Lovely Alphonse Mucha poster, only $4.07 with shipping:

Friday, September 16, 2011

Get Nailed at Home!

I really do love getting my nails all did up at the fancy nail salons. There is nothing quite like walking into the salon, having the door make that loud "ding" noise in your ear and everyone turn to stare at you while the Mama San yells from across the room"Wha you want? You want flower? Five dolla extra ok?" I want to shout, No, it's not OK and turn on my non-pumiced heel and walk out but I need my nails to look nice so I begrudgingly sit down and they get to work. By the time I get out of there, I have spent anywhere from $30-$50. There has to be another alternative; a way to stay cute AND cheap!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

How to Spoil Yourself on Your Birthday !

Visit all of these links and sign up for the free stuff you deserve! Because we know that there are more people out there that want to pamper and dote on you, we recommend that you check out all of your local eateries and shops for possible birthday freebies and/or e-mail clubs.

Acalpulco E-Club - Free Entree

AMF Bowling Club - Free Bowling

Anthro - Coupon and a cute little carrying case!

Applebee's - Free dessert

Arby's E- club - Free Birthday Surprise (Roast beef I'm guessing...)

Atlanta Breads - Free Cookie (none in CA)

Auntie Anne's - BOGOF Pretzel

Falling for Fall

Fall brings many things. It brings rain, gloom, clouds, and Seasonal Affective Disorder. However, it also brings some of my favorite things like baking cookies, seasonal candles,  pumpkin spice lattes, holidays, and best of all...FALL FASHION (insert thunderous applause and cheering here) !

Yep, it's that time again. It's time to change up your wardrobe from the latest hoochie, floral Summer must haves to the newest Fall trends. I am a fashion lover, but I cannot afford to pay runway or high end prices. I want to stay hip at a reasonable price. Do people still say hip? Anyways, here are some of the 2011 Fall trends seen on the runway turned into buys for the everyday people (Whether you like it or not, that's you and me).

My favorite look by far was the He/She look, better known as the Woman's Tux. I myself love a good "smoking jacket" and I guess that would fall into this category too (Fall, get it?)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cheer Up For $25 Or Less!

Do you need an end of summer pick-me-up that won't break the bank? I did, and I decided to take notes and report back with a list of seven ways to cheer yourself up for $25 or less.

Click for a guide to retail bliss at rock bottom prices...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want

Ever since the perfectly overcast day when I discovered the enchanting, I have spent more than a reasonable amount of time browsing the site for garments and baubles of inspiration, brooding eye candy, and sparks of magic. No, it’s not because of the blatent Morrissey reference (although that helps). It's not Bona Drag's blog bursting with beautiful, artistic people or the impeccable track listings on their mix tapes (also awesome). It’s because I am a closet sucker for the dark, luxe and romantic designer duds that, like my first real crush on the boy who sat in front of me in 8th grade homeroom, are so close yet oh so far. Could I afford this all forgiving black lace maxi dress of my dreams? Technically, yes. Could I also pay rent and buy a MetroCard, food, and hair dye next month? The unholy verdict is NO. I admit, I splurge on special things when I can but sometimes it's just not an option and a girl needs options! I have found that with a little imagination, diligent web browsing, and the right wistful yet subtle swagger, anyone can look this elegant and edgy on any budget, even a cheap, bargain basement one like mine at the moment. The key is finding the right swaps. After awhile, it becomes like a game. An addicting, exhilarating game. So, fear not my broke, fair maidens! Behold:

The essential black maxi. Eat a turkey leg or a tub of frosting and still feel like a million bucks in the comforting abyss that is black fabric - all while still showing a little leg.
Left: Imitation on Bona Drag, $292 Right: LuLu*s, $25

Attention all Mag Hag's!

I know you want in on this Cray Cray Amaz(on)ing Magazine Deal. Okay, so that joke was kind of a stretch but serio dawg, you can get a year of almost any magazine starting at 5 bucks. The only thing you can get for 5 bucks that will last you a year anymore is a Michael Bolton CD. So go forth and read you illiterates.

Picture thanks to Grade 10

Yank This!

All tarts (not this kind) and samplers only $1 and they have a BOGOF Deal on for their Large Jar Candles & Tumblers! The BOGOF deal should updat on your order automaticially but if it not, just use Promo Code CS411 & you should be all set

Picture from QVC

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Let's move on, shall we?

Today we will talk about entry types: Single, daily, unlimited, and the mysterious"other."

Single entry is nice because it obviously doesn't take much effort. Wham, bam, thank you ma'am. Pro: easy. Con: no competitive edge. Since there's only one entry everyone has about the same chance of winning.

Daily entries can be a little more time consuming, but if you stay on top of it (that's what she said?) and enter everyday you can increase your chances. The way I handle daily entries is by keeping them in my favorites in a file labeled specifically for daily entry sweepstakes. I name it by the prize or company and follow it by the date the contest ends. If it's a prize I really, really want to win I'll even save it on my home computer or in my email as well so I can enter on the weekends (crazy? maybe) (but I like winning. how dare you read me that way) (soon you will be obsessed too).

House Party ! (And no, not the one with Kid 'n Play)

տուն կուսակցություն, nyumba chama, and casa fiesta all mean the same thing. And unless you speak Armenian, Swahili, or Spanglish you won’t have any idea what I am talking about. Two words (in English this time): House Party. Who doesn’t like house parties? Well, I guess whoever has to hose off the barf and wake up the drunk girls passed out on the front lawn wouldn’t like them very much, but those aren’t the type of house parties that I’m talking about.

Houseparty is an awesome website which gives you access to well known companies and their products. There are only two steps you need to follow. First, sign up and create a profile at; second, apply for a party. You can also better your chance of winning a host spot for a party by being involved in their forums and active on their facebook and twitter accounts. If or when you get approved for a House Party™, you will be the proud recipient of free stuff from whatever company approved you as a host. House Party™ will ship you enough supplies, coupons and other goodies for the number of guests you invited. All you have to do is select a date, invite people, and throw a bomb ass party. After the party, they prefer if you and all of your guests give feedback regarding the party and products.

BUZZ BUZZ Bitches!

Ever heard of BzzAgent? Wanna know what all the Bzz is about?  BzzAgent offers sweet as honey products to try for free! Okay, enough with the puns… Seriously though, are any of you aware of this amazing site BzzAgent ? It is a website set up to try new products and to share your honest opinion on those products. How does it work? You sign up and fill out some basic information and surveys about yourself. The more honest you are, the more relevant Bzzkits you will receive. This way you avoid being twenty-one and getting free Depends or having a dog and getting baby food.
BzzAgent sends products from top brands to everyday consumers (that’s us). You can try awesome products totally free. I have been a BzzAgent (someone who tries products from their website and reports on them) since February 2011 and have participated in six campaigns including Bil-Jac Dog Food, Trend Micro Titanium Anti-Virus, Kingston Flash Drive, Lawry’s Marinades and Seasonings, L’Oreal One Sweep Eye Shadow and Eye Illuminator Mascara, and SCJ Smart & Easy Spring Cleaning kit. All of these have been 100% free and 100% awesome! They almost always provide you with coupons to hand out as well as the free products they give you to sample. They make it very easy for you to honestly report on products using a five star rating.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Go. Fight. Winning.

Meet Rusty Bucktooth. He's a cheap, inefficient BBQ I bought a while back. He's falling apart, but he does the job. Would I like a bigger, better grill so that someone else can cook tasty sliders for me? Yes. Do I want to pay for it? NO.

I've been entering for a new BBQ for a while now (I have a wish list of things I'd like to win) and just happened to find a really good contest giving away a bunch of them.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dirty for Less

Being a natural dirty blonde, it only makes sense to live up to my name, which is Heather, not dirty blonde. Regardless... still dirty.

As a blonde, my hair is fine and does not like the dirty lifestyle at all (ironic, no?) and I discovered a trick a few years back... powder. When I'm really ghetto I just use dollar store body or baby powder, but when I'm feeling fancy I like to buy dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo and powder not only keep you looking fresh (when you're really a dirty bum), but it can give you lots of volume, something us flat girls (hair, not chest) are lacking, as well.

I recently tried Suave Dry Shampoo (because I had a coupon), and I have to tell you, it's great! Normal price is less than $3 for the bottle and it not only performs well, it smells great! Do yourself and the world a favor (because no one wants to smell your scalp) and try it out. Now. Do it.